Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Red Squirrel of the Vermilon River

With Boom in Valhalla, along with my other dogs awaiting me, I like to think, I needed to fill my mind in the woods, where Boom and I were so happy. I had been going to buy a new camera for a while, but with Boom's rapid aging I could not summon the interest in more technology. I really just wanted to spend the time with Boom. When he passed, I bought the new camera, a Nikon D 7000, and spend the time in the woods where I feel Boom still walks with me. I wonder if time in the wilderness breeds a form of mysticism, or spiritualism. The new camera shoots video as well; so, I set up this site as a secondary site for video, and I'll post as I learn to use it. I'll probably file it on memes along with the primary site, but not as often, as videos are difficult to make. That way you can skip the videos if you wish. Or even click onto to it from the primary site, and vice versa: Me Boomer and The Vermilon River