Saturday, August 10, 2013

Wild Flowers of the Vermilon River.

 This week represents a change in format as a result of the change to Vimeo. You can not load to a google site from anything but YouTube. But you can link directly to your video on Vimeo, which accomplishes the same thing, and gives you HD at the same time. I think some of you are missing the video opportunity for the challenge, and the opportunity of using a different media. For instance, the included photos freeze Nature's beauty, but video shows Nature's garden in a very different way. Nature's garden is seasonal and quite untidy as the flowers change, sometimes even rapidly and therefore dying along side the new. Nature is not the neat urban gardener. I think you'll notice that in the video.

I think I'm not so much a slave of the technology as I was, although I don't want to give the impression that I'm an expert. This means that in video you can set the time line, meaning it can be backwards. If I were, make that when I remake the Mystic Lake video, I'll do from the lake to the trail. This will stop me from meandering as video has a subject focus. I still have a tendency to try and tell everything which is the format of my hike blog. You also need a shooting list, a rough format and a non-fear of close ups. This whole sequence was shot using my 18-55mm lens.

You can catch the Wild Flower Video here: Wildflowers Of The Vermilon River. Click and it will take you to the Vermilon River. I should add that these are the flowers of the riparian growth, not the forest floor so no blueberries. To return to the stills site, click here: Me Boomer & The Vermilon River.